Plasma IH Titanium Frying Pan 24 cm


5 Titanium layers for extreme endurance, long-term use and easy dish washing.
Suitable for induction, gas, electricity, ceramics, halogen and dishwasher.

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A pan Happycall Plasma IH Titanium has 5 special titanium layers manufactured using nanotechnology. The interior of the pan is treated with pure titanium, which provides extreme endurance, long term use and protection against corrosion.
The Plasma IH Titanium has at the bottom a special anti-high temperature resistant quartz layer.
A pan Happycall Plasma IH Titanium is friendly to the environment and human, used materials are harmless and is PFOE FREE.
The Happycall Plasma IH Titanium can be used on all heat sources, including induction and gas, and is dishwasher safe.

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24 cm

Notranji premer dna

176.2 mm

Outer diameter

188.0 mm


46.5 mm


0.8 kg


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