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5 titanium layers - Titanium IH Plasma
Suitable for all heat sources and dishwasher


Premium titanium coating, extremely durable and light

Titanium (Ti) is stronger than aluminum and lighter than iron or steel. Because of its exceptional characteristics, it is used in high-tech products in the aerospace industry and medicine.

You can also choose a wok or pan with a high edge for preparing Asian dishes on high temperatures.

Five special titanimum coating layers

When buying, you should pay attention of material the pan you choose is made of. The material must be harmless and at the same time as resistant as possible. One such material is titanium, which is also used in the aviation industry and medicine due to its exceptional strength, and is also distinguished by its high durability. Titanium (Ti) is stronger than aluminum and lighter than iron or steel. The pan, which is made of several layers of titanium, thus enables long-term use, and is also distinguished by: exceptional durability and long life, resistance to high temperatures, which is ensured by an additional quartz coating, non-stick food preparation, harmlessness of materials and friendliness to people and the environment, a certificate that the pan is safe and healthy to use, the possibility of use on all hobs (induction, gas, ceramic, electricity) and the possibility of washing in the dishwasher.


Premium Class Titanium Coating

Plasma IH Titanium frying pan has 5 special titanium layers manufactured using nanotechnology. Happycall is the leading in nanotechnology among cookware manufacturers and has 68 patents in this area. The interior of the pan is treated with pure titanium, which provides extreme endurance, long term use and protection against corrosion. Titanium is used in high-tech industries such as aviation and medicine. Titanium is an extremely durable and resilient metal and is harmless to human.

Special Silica Exterior Coating

The outer part of the Happycall Plasma IH Titanium pan has a special flint layer that offers high temperature resistance. Flint is an inorganic component that is harmless to humans and provides resistance against scratches and peeling and is easy to wash. The layer was applied according to the advanced method of the Ferro corporation from the Netherlands.

special quartz layer on Happycall pan

Triple Bottom and Mess-Free Pour Edge

The bottom of the Titanium pan is composed of three layers; Titanium, five layers, for endurance and non-sticking feature, aluminum, 97 purity, for steady heat distribution and durability and stainless steel for conductivity and prolonged use. In the bottom of the container there is a special pattern that the metal of different properties connects. The bottom of the container, due to the choice of materials and manufacturing processes, remains flat after prolonged use. The shape of the upper edge prevents pouring to the outer surface.

Happycall IH Titanium pan with three layers forged pattern bottom
Triple-layer bottom with wrought pattern

For All Heat Sources and Dishwasher

Happycall Plasma IH Titanium is suitable for all heat sources; induction, electrics, gas and ceramics, and can be washed in a dishwasher.

Suitable for all heat sources and dishwasher
Suitable for all heat sources and dishwasher

Healthy and Environmentally Friendly

Happycall Plasma IH Titanium frying pan is friendly to the environment and human health, the materials used are harmless, production is  PFOE FREE. Happycall has obtained a ISO 9001 certificate , which ensures the manufacturing quality, the ISO 14001 certificate certifying environmentally friendly production, and the LFGB, which ensures that the Happycall frying pans and woks are safe and healthy for use.

Ensuring quality, health and environmental protection
Ensuring quality, health and environmental protection

All arround the world peaople are enyojing cooking with Happycall pans. Non-stick coating is the ideal cookware and it is easy to wash.